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How much will the ashes weigh?
Cremation ashes resemble find sand in color and texture.  They are not heavy at all and vary from three to seven pounds.   The average female will weigh three close to 3 pounds while the weight of the average male is four pounds.

How are cremation urns closed?
Every urn should have the ability to be permanent closed and with some urns, for example Keepsake, this may be the only option. Our boxes are designed for permanent closure by glue or screws (included).

What size box do I need to buy?
Cremation urns are sold on the basis of volume in cubic inches.   As a general rule of thumb for every pound that the deceased weighed, their cremation remains will be one cubic inch in volume.   We offer the following cremation urns:

Keepsake Urns

Up to 12 Lbs Body Weight
Used when family members desire
only a small amount of ashes.

Infant Urns

Up to 28 Lbs
For storage or burial of infant
or toddler ashes.

Portion Urns

Up to 123 Lbs
Used when family members each desire
a portion of the remains.

Adult Urns

Up to 408 Lbs
Used for the vast majority
of adult indivuals.

Companion Urns

Up to 601 Lbs
For couples wishing to remain together
or large individuals.
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